Состав слова пожарник.

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Пожалуйста...Очень срочно....I. Change sentences according to the example. Example: We have a big kitchen = We’ve got a big kitchen/We have got a big kitchen. Do you have a sister or a brother? Have you got a sister or a brother? 1. They have a new office. 2. I have a sister. 3. I don’t have a brother. 4. Jack has a bicycle. 5. Jack doesn’t have a car. 6. Jane has a dog, hasn’t she? 7. Do you have a phone? 8. What do you have in your hand? 9. Do you have a sister or a brother? 10. You don’t have a dog, don’t you?II. Use the correct forms of the verb “to be”. Example: … you at home? = Are you at home? Jill: Hello. … we all here today? Maria: John … missing and Lisa … missing too. John: Good morning! Here I … . Lisa: Sorry, I … late. Jill: Oh, that … all right. … you both OK? John: Yes, we … .

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Какие города были завоёваны персами


Полезная мощность механизма 800 ватт. кпд 12%, какое количество теплоты получает механизм в час?


Помогите решить уравнения:1) Fe(OH)3 + HNO3 ->2) KOH + HPO3 ->3) Fe(OH)2 (при нагревании) ->4) Fe(OH)3 (при нагревании) ->


Помогите ответить на вопросы из текста ; 1) What is your favourite day? 2)What advice can you give? 3) Why do you like this place? 4) What*s the best thing ? Текст По буквам ; a.b.c.d D) Respect the Uzbek rules ,their way of life,and the countrys natural beauty. To understand the country the best thing to do is visit a choyhona. In the choyhona you can meet a lot of interesting people, get advise ,eat ,drink and even sleep. .a) We like to beauty of the country , the food is cheap and the suns always shining . The grass is green and the threes are in blossom . Oh, and we like the colourful national costumes. Im going to buy a duppi and a chopon tom take home. People is America will love them. C) We started the day with a tour of Samarkand , visited an old mosque , and went shopping in the bazar . We had dinner in one of hundreds of small resturants in the side streets. B) The culture and the people ,who are friendly, kind and caring. You really notice that people are open. The other amazing thing is the respect they have for older people and their love of children .

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  • alexandra-75 Reply

    Слишком тяжела была та ноша, что легла сейчас на его плечи, чтобы вести долгие ночные разговоры.

  • artemiypiterskiy Reply

    А она так хрупка. Приехал отец повесить полку для пряностей, которую я попросила его сделать мне на день рождения.

  • anatoliy-lev Reply

    вот и поздравили...=)

  • baranov.vanya Reply

    Большое спасибо!!!!!!!!!

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