Необходимо написать аннотацию(основной смысл) текстов (до 12 предложений) - возможны ошибки (текст распознан с pdf)1) Move over game boysLynn Robson is a co-founder of Frognation. The company creates soundtracks and designs and translates Japanese video games for the UK market. With her partners in Tokyo and her international team of designers and developers, Lynn creates the video games that thousands are playing today.Lynn runs the UK office of Frognation, while her two business partners run the Tokyo office. Her Japanese computer system, and, of course, email make it possible to work across borders and time zones.Frognation represents producers with great game ideas and helps them to sell their ideas to Sony or Nintendo in Tokyo. Once the games go into development, Lynn and her team provide advice on everything from the music soundtrack and graphics to the game programming and characters. The result is a new kind of video game, created by artists, which provides exciting game play.Cultural understanding is important. When she is in meetings in Japan, Lynn gives advice on what will work in both countries. In the West, Lynn becomes the Japan expert, giving clients information about Japanese culture. When her Japanese partners come to meetings in the UK, Lynn helps them to present their ideas in the best way, and tries to avoid any cultural misunderstandings.Video game sales are sky-rocketing at the moment. There are thousands of opportunities to build careers in the video game industry, hut women dont often consider gaming as a carecr.Today most video games are created by men, and for men. So it is no surprise that almost all video games are either sports games or shoot-em-ups.With more women like Lynn joining the video game industry, however, things could change.2) No hiding placeThe protection of privacy will be a huge problem for the internet societyA cookie is a small file that a . company can send to your computer when you visit the companys website- It tells them a lot about vour browsing habits. Using the web without them is nearly impossible. Doubleclick, an advertising company, has agreements with ovei ЩХЮ websites and maintains cookies on Ю0 million users to get information about them for marketing.Offline, the story is the same. When you turn on a mobile phone, the phone company can mon:tor calls and also record the location of the phone. We use more and more electronic systems for tickets, and for access to buildings. It is becoming common for employers to monitor employees telephone calls, voicemail, email and computer use.The use of video surveillance cameras is also growing. Britain has about 1.5 million cameras in public places (for example, airpoits, shopping malls and public buildings). The average Briton is recorded by CCTV cameras 500 times a day. With digital cameras we can collect, store and analyse millions of images.And this is only the beginning. Engineers are now developing cameras that can see through clothing, walls or cars. Satellites can recognise obiects only one metre across. We can attach tracking chips to products or people.New technology offers substantial benefits т more security against terrorists and criminals, higher productivity at work, a wider selection of products, more convenience. We are ready to give more personal information because we want the benefits.But all this momtoring generates a mountain of data about us. Surveillance is everywhere in our society, ofien without our knowledge. Most ptuple hate the idea but they dont know how to stop it.3) Office workers admit being rudeMOST office workers say they are rude or bad-mannered at work. Two out of three workers regularly arrive ate for meetings, most ignore emails and three out of four use bad anguage. In a survey of 1,000 workers, two-thirds say tna* eressure of work is the reason for tneir baa manners.Other common examples of bao office etiquette include ignoring colleagues and answering mobiie phone calls during meetings. Using mobile phones in meetings is mpolite and distracts otners, esearch by the University of Surrey shows. If you respond to a call when -c.e^king to someoody, it means that : core call is more important r the person, the survey said. If rg is not important.Jacobs, managing director of O^.ce Angels, a recruitment firm, says it is easy for peopie to forget their manners in the wcking environment, which is often very informal and very busy Workers can forget pioper et:quette such asintroducing people at meetings, and this is often Dad for workirg relationships.Psycnologist Dr Coiin Gill beiieves that peopie afe not as polite as they were twenty years ago. He said: Courtesy is no longer somethirg that is so much respected in our society/ People think it is stuffy to oe polite or formal.Now some organisations a-e actually investing money in training their junior managers to be oolite. Office Angels is encouraging people to arrive on time or meetings, turn of* mobiie phones and avoid baa language. Avoiding baa manners at work is such a simple thing to do, IVi JacoDS says, and it can have a dramatic impact on improving your working environment ana your relationships with others.

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Прямые и плоскости в пространстве : AиB точки, расположенные по одну сторону плоскости a: AC и BD - перпендикуляры на эту плоскость; AC=19см, BD=10см, CD=12см




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