Задание 130 и 131 помогите сколько смочите пожалусто

Алгебра, Ответ!

Write a short paragraph about your collection (40-50 words) Writeyour name,your age,where you are from,what your collection is,how you feel about it.ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!......

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Вставить местоимения по смыслу:1)She washed___ hands and face.2)We invited Liz to stay with___in__house.3)Do you know that man?-Yes,I w/know ____/4)That is his book/Give ___to him5)Peter likes to eat ___breakfast is always big.6)The bag is heavy . What is there in____?7)Look at them!___are playing like kids.8)Are___ateacher?-No,___am not .9)They live in the country___house isnt big , but____is comfortable10Jeans always stay in fashion .People like___.

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промежутки знакопостоянства функции 3x+x^2


геде приставка в слове запятая

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  • andrewmalarney Reply

    Какие нужные слова... супер, блестящая мысль

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